[OS X TeX] Books?

Andreas Gschwendtner andreas_gschwendtner at yahoo.de
Wed Sep 4 04:58:28 EDT 2002

On Dienstag, September 3, 2002, at 05:47  Uhr, Juan Manuel Palacios 
> 	Just one question to you Andreas, if I may:
> On Tuesday, September 3, 2002, at 11:11  AM, Andreas Gschwendtner 
> wrote:
>> Lamport's LaTeX Handbook is *very* well written but doesn't cover all 
>> the details. It's good for a start: buy that one, if you want to 
>> learn the basics of typesetting with LaTeX.
>> If you want to go a little deeper, Kopka's book is excellent. If you 
>> intend to use LaTeX a lot and to write more than "10-page-papers", 
>> you should definitely read it, as it covers almost all the questions 
>> that arise when you use LaTeX heavily. It is great as a reference. 
>> The downside is, that it is quite expensive if you buy all three 
>> volumes...(but I think it is worth the money!).
> 	What three volumes? Everywhere I've looked I've seen Kopka's book as 
> a one tome publication. Take Amazon, for example, if you look for 
> Latex publications there you'll see Kopka's book as a single volume, 
> no more tomes. Where could I check this out? Is the one sold at Amazon 
> the first tome?

:-/ hmm... well... I just checked on Amazon.de and Amazon.com -- and I 
am not so sure now if we are talking about the same book(s). I have 
three books by Helmut Kopka, written in German (I think he is German, 
isn't he?):

1. LaTeX I: Einführung (=Introduction)
2. LaTeX II: Ergänzungen. Mit einer Einführung in Metafont. (=Additions 
and Introduction to Metafont)
3. LaTeX III: Erweiterungen (=Expansions)

I don't know if these books have been translated to English -- maybe 
somebody can clarify? Every volume has several hundred pages and costs 
about 40 Euro.

In "english books" on amazon.de I found the following hit when 
searching for "latex" and "kopka":

"A Guide to LaTeX: Document Preparation for Beginners and Advanced 
Users (3rd Edition)"
by Helmut Kopka and Patrick W. Daley

So I don't know if I have been of much help here... Maybe we were 
talking about different books...
Anyway, I think if you buy a book written by Helmut Kopka, it's not a 
bad choice. From my onwn experience, however, I can only recommend 
those 3 volumes mentioned above...



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