[OS X TeX] Problems with TeXShop and teTeX...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Fri Apr 2 17:09:38 EST 2004


I have finally made a permanent jump to using TeX tools under OS X 
10.3.3, leaving Textures behind (after over a dozen years of mostly 
terrific use).

Thanks to everyone who creates and supports the TeX-related tools for OS X.

I believe that I have moved my T1 fonts for MathTime, MathTime Plus, 
and the full Lucida set over to the teTeX hierarchy. I did this 
yesterday after using the i-Installer to install much of the 
available tools. I also installed the current version of TeXShop. (I 
had used these tools in "test mode" over the past year or two.)

Here are a few issues:

  - Sometimes after an apparently successful typeset in TeXShop, using
    LaTeX->pdftex, the PDF preview is empty.

  - Switching between using the default set of CM fonts and, say, Times +
    MathTime can create errors that prevent successful typesetting. For
    example, switching to CM fonts (commenting out the usepackage statements
    for loading Times and MathTime fonts) will cause my document to get
    typesetting errors, such as "!Missing $ inserted." or "!Missing }

  - On switching typeset flows from LaTeX->pdftex to LaTeX->TeX and GS,
    my .aux file seems to get corrupted, and during subsequent typesetting
    I get errors about the end of file being reached before a closing "}"
    is reached.

I have been searching through the past couple of years worth of mail 
to this list to help troubleshoot my issues and get a better grasp of 
proper document structure and command use (with fonts especially), in 
contrast with using Textures.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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