[OS X TeX] Bibtopic

Hélène Fernandez helenef at noos.fr
Mon Apr 5 15:58:40 EDT 2004

Thanks a lot for putting me on the right track. I actually had to rerun 
latex through Terminal to get a working bibtopic.sty -- saving the 
oztex-produced .sty file with Unix line endings did not work, for some 
reason, but now everything is OK.

Thanks a billion times,
-- Hélène.

On 5 avr. 04, at 11:56, John Rawnsley wrote:

> On Apr 4, 2004, at 09:29, Hélène Fernandez wrote:
>> I'd need to use bibtopic, but \usepackage{bibtopic} yields the 
>> following result :
>> LaTeX2e <2001/06/01>
>> Babel <v3.7h> and hyphenation patterns for american, british, french, 
>> german, n
>> german, italian, latin, spanish, nohyphenation, loaded.
>> (/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/base/book.cls
>> Document Class: book 2001/04/21 v1.4e Standard LaTeX document class
>> (/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/base/bk11.clo))
>> (/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/bibtopic/bibtopic.sty
>> (/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/base/ifthen.sty))
>> Runaway argument?
>> {\let \change at bibcite \relax \def \bibcite ####1####2{\global \ETC.
>> ! File ended while scanning use of \@argdef.
>> <inserted text>
>>                 \par
>> l.10
>> That's even using absolutely no other package in the document.
>> I'm using G.Wierda's tetex tree and Oztex. Bibtopic was downloaded 
>> from CTAN  (don't know if I put it in the best place).
>> Help!
>> -- hélène fernandez.
> I am using the latest OzTeX and GW's tetex tree, and downloaded
> and installed bibtopic from CTAN.
> Perhaps the error you see has something to do with line endings.
> I convert all my latex files to unix line endings after
> installation to be able to use them equally well with OzTeX
> and the command line.
> When I ran OzTeX on bibtopic.ins from the UK CTAN, it produced
> files with Mac line endings. After converting, and removing the
> comments from the tops of books.bib and articles.bib, I was
> able to process sample.tex using OzTeX and the command line
> bibtex without error.
> I installed the files in ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex/bibtopic/
> John
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