[OS X TeX] Xindy

Steffen Lund Hokland hokland at mr.au.dk
Tue Apr 6 02:55:04 EDT 2004

Dear Good people who replied to the Xindy-topic
> I do have xindy on my iBook, but I don't know how it came there or if 
> it's
> complete. I never used it. But if you have some test files and tell me 
> what
> the proper commands are, I can try it. And if it works I can probably 
> pack
> it up so that others can use it.
Sorry, I don't. To be honest I don't really know anything about Xindy, 
apart from what I learned shortly on the webpage. The reason I 
enquired, was that I'm working on a doc, which should have a special 
index, which apparently Xindy would allow for....

Wether it's worth the effort to port it (Xindy), or not, I'm certainly 
not qualified to say, and since I wouldn't be doing the actual 
sweatin', it's not really my place to say either.

So, I'll wait for Xindy.dmg.......

All the best to y'all

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