[OS X TeX] Still trying...

Curtis Clifton curt.clifton at mac.com
Wed Apr 7 11:31:10 EDT 2004


On Apr 7, 2004, at 10:14 AM, Herb Schulz wrote:

> I'm back to trying to write an Applescript that does a search for the 
> next
> occurrence of a particular character and then select that character 
> within
> TeXShop. I can get the search to work fine but that doesn't select the
> character, it returns the character position in the file. Even though
> selection is a defined object in the TeXShop Applescript library I get 
> an
> error when I try to set its position, length and contents to the 
> required
> value. Is it read only?

I recall successfully setting the selection in TeXShop via Applescript 
in the past, but I can't find the code that I used.  Below is a script 
that I use which includes some selection manipulation.  The script 
changes the contents of the selection and then repositions the point 
inside the selection.  I'm not sure it will be directly useful, but it 
may inspire some ideas and is a useful script in its own right.


Curtis Clifton, Graduate Student
Dept. of Computer Science, Iowa State University

-- Prompts the user for the name of an environment.
-- Surrounds the current selection with \begin{env} and \end{env}
--   where env is the given environment name.
-- by Curtis Clifton, http://www.cs.iastate.edu/~cclifton

property theEnv : "itemize" as Unicode text
property beginCmdPrelude : "\\begin{" as Unicode text
property cmdEnd : ("}" & return) as Unicode text
property endCmdPrelude : ("\\end{") as Unicode text
set advanceOffset to 8

	set theReply to (display dialog "Enter the environment name:" default 
answer (theEnv as text) buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} default button "OK")
	set theText to (text returned of theReply)
	set theEnv to (theText as Unicode text)
	set advanceOffset to advanceOffset + (length of theText)
	tell application "TeXShop"
		tell selection of document #DOCUMENTNAME#
			set originalOffset to offset
			set content to (beginCmdPrelude & theEnv & cmdEnd & content & 
endCmdPrelude & theEnv & cmdEnd)
			set offset to (originalOffset + advanceOffset)
		end tell
	end tell
on error number errorNumber
	if errorNumber is -128 then
		-- User cancelled
		error errorNumber
	end if
end try

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