[OS X TeX] Kile's out, Texmaker's in

Frank Mattes f.mattes at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 8 06:08:06 EDT 2004

I have installed TeXMaker together with the Qt libraries from the 
site below. I think you need very very fast machine to use TeXMaker. 
I have installed it on a 500 iBook with 386 MRam. There was a delay 
of 3 to 5 sec until the typed character appeared on the screen.


>This should give you a working application without a nice icon; it's a start.
>If you want to get Qt, you have a couple of options. The painful 
>option is to go to http://www.trolltech.com and download the 
>free/GPL'ed version of Qt for Mac OS X and build it yourself. Be 
>prepared to let your machine chug overnight; it takes hours and 
>hours to build.
>Another option is to visit this site:
>Please see <http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex/> for list
>guidelines, information, and LaTeX/TeX resources.

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Please see <http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex/> for list
guidelines, information, and LaTeX/TeX resources.

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