[OS X TeX] can't find files in /usr/local/tetex/bin/

Jan Anderssen jan at linguist.umass.edu
Thu Apr 8 15:56:18 EDT 2004

> This was the reply I was hoping for. This will fix your setup so that 
> the correct directories are always in your path. The setenv command 
> will only last as long as your terminal session.

just two quick notes, in case somebody needs to change things manually:

- another way to tell which shell you're in: 'echo $SHELL'
- to add configuration stuff permanently, you can add things to your 
~/.tcshrc or ~/.bashrc file (respectively of the shell you're using). 
these could be setenv commands, or other things, f.i. aliases etc.


(ps. one alias that i often find useful is     alias dosless 'perl -pne 
"s/\15/\n/g;" \!* | less'
it changes those black ^M characters to linebreaks that work in less. 
never really able to remember how or why or where the whole 
linebreak/carrige return issue works, but anyways...)

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