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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Apr 14 05:01:42 EDT 2004

On 14/04/2004, at 4:32 PM, mike leonard wrote:

>> 5. In TeXShop, define xelatex to be your personal
> LaTeX script.
> Thanks a lot. This gets me a lot closer to the
> functionality I was looking for. My only question now
> is whether there is a way to access XeTeX's fancy font
> commands from within a LaTeX document. I can do this
> using plain.sty within a \begin{plain}...\end{plain}
> environment, but this seems to defeat a lot of the
> purpose of compiling and using the LaTeX format in the
> first place.

TeX font definitions, such as:
   \font\tenrm="Lucida Grande" at 10pt
   \font\bigbold="Lucida Grande" at 24pt

give commands \tenrm  \bigbold  that can be used anywhere,
as "spot fonts", so to speak.

  here is normal text, with {\bigbold Fancy Stuff} here.

  {\tenrm Now the whole paragraph is styled...\\
   ..blah blah, ya da de da.}

Perhaps what you mean is something like:
  "How can I setup Lucida Grande to be the default font,
  at all the usual LaTeX sizes; i.e.
  \normalsize, \large, \small, \Large, \footnotesize, etc."?

To do this "properly" you are into the structure of LaTeX's
  .fd files:   fd = font (family) definition .
The coding in these is a high-level way to create
many  \font  calls for the various sizes and styles.

However, here's a quick+dirty way to achieve it:

\expandafter\let\csname OT1+lugr\endcsname\empty
{\catcode`\"=11\obeyspaces\gdef\LuGrande{"Lucida Grande"}}

... that works provided you've not loaded any package that
changes the input encoding from TeX's default of 'OT1'.

In reality you'll be using UTF8 encoding, not OT1, but
at this stage of XeTeX development, that's not something
to worry about -- yet.
The characters that appear within your input source should
be what end up appearing within the resulting PDF;

e.g.  don't use \'e for é .

No promises on how mathematics will fare.

Hope this helps,

     have fun


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