[OS X TeX] Program to draw Venn diagrams?

Dima Brodsky dima at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 14 13:54:40 EDT 2004

I think IPE http://ipe.compgeom.org/ should be able to handle all your
needs. I haven't played with it extensively, but it should be able
to do intersections, plus output to a bunch of different formats,
latex and ps, being two of them.  Plus, it supports latex fonts and
if you get QT you can build ipe natively under osx.


On Wed, Apr 14, 2004 at 01:41:08PM -0400, Leah Berman wrote:
> On Apr 14, 2004, at 12:43 PM, John B.Thoo wrote:
> >What is a program to create Venn diagrams conveniently that I may  
> >include in my LaTeX document?  (there, now it's TeX related ;-)  I'm  
> >interested in shading intersections and unions.
> CorelDraw 11 can do this pretty easily: make some circles that overlap  
> and then there's a button called "intersect" that makes a figure with  
> just the intersection that you can then color. You can then export to  
> .eps and include into a LaTeX file as usual.
> I bought CorelDraw for the express purpose of creating graphics to  
> export to .eps.
> Of course, now that I use pdftex, my usual graphics routine is (create  
> in Geometer's sketchpad, copy to CorelDraw) save as .eps from  
> CorelDraw, open in TeXShop to get a .pdf, and then include the .pdf.
> Does anyone know of a (vector) graphics program that exports .pdf?  
> Printing to .pdf isn't good, because it prints an entire page, not just  
> the graphic.
> Leah
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