[OS X TeX] GUI Latin Modern Fonts?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalaciosp at eml.cc
Fri Apr 16 01:41:40 EDT 2004

	Hmmmm, a little bit confused here. I just updated my TeX tree with the 
latest package (2004/03/26 23:31:01) and aimed at getting the GUI Latin 
Modern Fonts. After doing the whole configure dance I realized I didn't 
get any panel asking me if I wanted to install them, so I did a little 
digging. Upon reading the "i-Package README File" I realized I needed 
PfaEdit, so I went ahead and installed that. Reconfigured TeX and still 
didn't get a panel asking me if I wanted the GUI version of the Latin 
Modern Fonts. Alas, they are nowhere to be found in 
/Library/Fonts/Latin Modern/ nor in ~/Library/Fonts/, so I guess they 
just didn't get installed....

	Obviously I'm missing something way too obvious for me to find out at 
this hour of the night, so I'd appreciate anybody's help with this! 


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