[OS X TeX] GUI Latin Modern Fonts?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalaciosp at eml.cc
Fri Apr 16 07:47:24 EDT 2004

	Hi Bruno, hi Gerben! Thanks for the prompt and precise help, this is 
exactly what happened! At first I ran the configure stage without the 
PfaEdit package installed, but the /Library/Fonts/Latin Modern/ 
directory still got created; then I installed PfaEdit and reran TeX 
configure and the fonts weren't installed because the aforementioned 
dir was found, so the script thought the fonts were already there! 
Hehe, kind'a contradictory, thanks for fixing it Gerben. So, all I need 
to do now is update the TeX package again and rerun the configure 
stage? Fair enough....

	On the other hand, Gerben, will the PfaEdit package change because of 
the name switch Bruno points out here? Well, thanks again for the 
prompt help. Regards,...


On Apr 16, 2004, at 3:00 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Hi Juan,
> I think you need to delete the folder /Library/Fonts/Latin Modern/, 
> and re-run the TeX i-Package (making sure the installation of Latin 
> Modern fonts is selected). As far as I remember, when installing these 
> fonts i-Installer checks whether PfaEdit (now FontForge) is available 
> first, and then if the above folder exists. If this folder exists, 
> then i-Installer considers the fonts have already been converted for 
> GUI use, and skips this step.
> Bruno

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