[OS X TeX] Change default font to Helvetica w/ KOMA

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Fri Apr 16 08:47:45 EDT 2004

Hi Ralph,

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>I'm writing a german article using the KOMA-Script packages, and after 
>changing the default font to Helvetica, I noticed the umlauts are no 
>longer placed centered above the characters, but seem to be a tick off 
>to the left. Here's an example:
>ä ö ü Ä Ö Ü
>I guess that this just isn't the proper way to do this. Unfortunately, 
>I don't have access to any of the standard LaTeX books, so I'd 
>appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction.

How about


I am not sure if you really need the T1 font encoding when using the helvet package. For the classic CM fonts, T1 encoding is needed to ensure correct hyphenation by using the EC fonts (which contain accented characters). Your problem might have a similar cause.


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