[OS X TeX] Include a certain PDF Page as Picture or all at once

Franz Sommer franz.sommer at gmx.de
Fri Apr 16 15:09:36 EDT 2004

Hello, I'm currently writing on a personal script to teach myself latex and
the fields I'm studying.
Along with lectures our professor provided us with a set of graphs in
powerpoint. Every slide is one graph. To use this material I've printed all
slides into a single pdf file.

I now either like to include all the graph-slides at the end of every
chapter, an option I dislkike, since the purpose of the script is to give me
a very fast review for examinations or there were they are supposed to be.

So here is my quesiton:
Is there an option to select a certain page out of pdf-page stack and/or is
there opiton to include the entire stack. So far I've played arround with
Thanks for a tip.
Franz Sommer

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