[OS X TeX] Include a certain PDF Page as Picture or all at once

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sat Apr 17 17:44:46 EDT 2004

Hello Josep,

On 18/04/2004, at 6:42 AM, Josep M.Font wrote:

> El 17 abr 2004, a les 14:58, Ross Moore va escriure:
>> \includegraphics[page=7,scale=0.75]{Kopie.pdf}
>>                                ^-------  not a ',' !!!
>> will give you page 7, using pdfTeX (or pdfLaTeX).
>> (the page=<num> option is *not* available with TeX+Ghostscript)
> What is this "page" option ? The document "grfguide.pdf" included in 
> GW's distribution (dated 1999, BTW) does not mention it.

It isn't documented for general LaTeX use, since it *only* works with 
and maybe other drivers that produce PDF directly.
Or maybe the documentation is too old --- it was ~2001 when the feature 
first introduced.

What's the date on  pdfpages.sty ?
This was written soon after the feature became available.

%% Copyright (C) 2001 2002 Andreas MATTHIAS.

Certainly this is what pdfpages uses:

[GlenLivet:tex/latex/pdfpages] rossmoor% grep -n includegrap *.sty
239:        \expandafter\includegraphics\expandafter[\the\@temptokena,
279:      \expandafter\includegraphics\expandafter[\the\@temptokena,
389:        \noexpand\includegraphics[\the\@temptokena,
[GlenLivet:tex/latex/pdfpages] rossmoor% grep -n "page=" *.sty
240:           page=\AM at page, angle=\AM at lscape@rot]{\AM at docname}}%
280:                       page=\AM at page, scale=\AM at scale,
390:                    page=\AM at page,scale=\AM at scale,

Each of the 3 usages of \includegraphics has a  page=.... option.

> What does it do ?

It allows you to specify which page of a PDF to import as a graphic.

> I've tried, pdftex does not complain, but I don't see anything 
> different. Where can I get some documentation about it ?

Special features of different drivers are defined in the driver files;
[GlenLivet:tex/latex/graphics] rossmoor% grep page *.def | grep Gin
pdftex.def:      \define at key{Gin}{page}{%
pdftex.def:      \define at key{Gin}{page}{%
pdftex.def:    \Gin at defaultbp\Gin at urx{\csname#1 
width\GPT at page\endcsname}%
pdftex.def:    \Gin at defaultbp\Gin at ury{\csname#1 
height\GPT at page\endcsname}%
vtex.def:\define at key{Gin}{page}{\def\vtexdef at pspage{#1}}%

This shows that the 'page' option is supported by  pdftex  and  vtex .

Hope this helps,


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