[OS X TeX] [OT] OS X 10.3.3 strange text (dash) behavior

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sun Apr 18 18:20:24 EDT 2004

El 18 abr 2004, a les 22:50, Fredrik Wallenberg va escriure:

> Has anyone else had problems with several applications having "smart 
> features" when it comes to dashes. I see it in Mail, TexShop, 
> OmniOutliner and TextEdit, so I assume it is a system wide "feature". 
> There are two features... two repeated dashes gets converted to an 
> em-dash. A single dash is left alone (surrounded by space) is 
> converted to an en-dash.
> To understand what I'm staying, just open one of the apps above and 
> type the following (without the '):
> This is an '-' en-dash ( - )
> This is an '-''-' em-dash (--)
> While this would be wonderful behavior if I was using WYSIWYG editing 
> it is not very helpful for me. How do I get rid of it?

It does not happen to me. At least in TeXShop and in Mail, I see the 
above character combinations as they are (one or two normal dashes). I 
have Panther 10.3.3. It may depend on some preferences. In Mail's 
preferences I did not choose styled text, and in TeXShop there is 
nothing similar, but maybe it depends on fonts; I have Monaco.


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