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Peter Paul Sint sint at oeaw.ac.at
Tue Apr 20 13:00:15 EDT 2004

At 20:41 h +0200 2004.04.19, Hendrik Chaltin wrote:
>On 19 Apr 2004, at 19:23, Kannan Moudgalya wrote:
>>Here, they have it for $47.50
>... if you live in the US.
>For me the total would have been $ 80,48.
>With Amazon I only pay $ 68,97.

www.amazon.de asks for EUR 71,58  (i.e. Euro!)
   (and this includes "free" shipping)

If I order from amazon.com (or another USA source) I will have to pay 20%  value aded (import) tax (collected, most of the times, by the postal service, and always by speed delivery services).


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