[OS X TeX] LaTeX -> Word?

Rene Borgella Jr. rene at macosx.com
Tue Apr 20 13:30:35 EDT 2004

Hi All:

Definitely low tech, but for me, a semi-novice 
LaTex user, I haven't had any luck at all with 
conventional tools when going from LaTex to Word. 
If I am working with just fromatted text, then 
latex2rtf works great (for me).  However, if I 
have any equations in the document, I have the 
best results if I do a KISS technique.  Namely, I 
take the equations out of the LaTex document 
first, then translate to .rtf --> then, as 
horrible as they may look, put the equations into 
Word using the "equation editor".  I know, I 
know, this is far from elegant, but I've spent 
far too much time trying to get the elegant 
methods to work (including installing and running 
OpenOffice).  For now, I have simply resigned 
myself to my KISS methodology, until I learn of 
another, better way.


ps -- KISS = keep it simple, stupid :-)

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