[OS X TeX] LaTeX -> Word?

Adam Maxwell amaxwell at wsu.edu
Tue Apr 20 23:29:06 EDT 2004

On 20 Apr, 2004, at 15:01, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> I've tried latex2rtf on your file (replacing the figure by one of 
> mine):

likewise here.

[snip latex source]
> The output isn't so bad: the Greek and German letters show up fine, 
> and the equation too, in Word. Don't trust TextEdit for rendering RTF 
> files, I've found its rendering quite bad, generally, as soon as you 
> ask it more than bold and italic text, say.

Same results here; the text showed up fine in Word and TextEdit.  
However, as Bruno points out, TextEdit has issues with RTF; it does not 
support embedded graphics or equations, in particular.  I've worked 
around some of the font selection issues for my own purposes, but this 
involves some C hacking to change the way that latex2rtf specifies a 
default font in the RTF file.

> Only messed up thing: the graphical file isn't included. It also seems 
> that latex2rtf is stubbornly restrictive in its syntax: \centering 
> produces a warning, but if you replace it by a \begin{center} 
> \end{center} environment, the warning is suppressed.

The graphic (PDF) that I used came out included and centered, but 
\centering did give a warning.

> In case you have problem with the german package, you may also try 
> replacing it by the babel package with option german.

You can also specify '-i german' on the command line.

For some macros, you can use the direct.cfg file in latex2rtf's config; 
see the documentation for details.  I'm really not sure what macro 
support exists in latex2rtf.

I typically use one style for my TeX->PDF output, then switch to one of 
the standard LaTeX styles for conversion to RTF, since I don't care 
about formatting for the RTF file.  The main thing is that latex2rtf 
allows me to use bibtex/natbib, and gives double-clickable equations 
and embedded figures in Word.

Keep in mind that latex2rtf _is_ open source, and the maintainers are 
receptive of patches :).

-- Adam

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