[OS X TeX] Re: ITeXMac Synchronicity with AlphaX? plus a CPU problem

Geoffrey Vallis gkv at splash.princeton.edu
Wed Apr 21 13:03:13 EDT 2004

Rather than using Applescript, as Joachim and Jerome have suggested, would
it not be easier to synchronize between AlphaX and iTeXMac using command
line calls? This is how AlphaX calls xdvi, and it works very well. The
syntax for command line calls to IteXmac seems quite similar, so that one
could virtually copy the tcl script for AlphaX -> xdvi?  (I guess this
might be moot if it really is working properly now, but the command line
might also allow easier experimentation.)

> From Joachim: 
> I cannot get this to work, though.  (In fact I cannot get pdfsync to 
> work at all...)  

If this is still a problem, make sure synchronisation is turned on in the
View -> options menu. I wasted two hours before I discovered this!

Finally, I have an intermittent problem with iTeXmac, in that sometimes it
hogs all my CPU. If I do a 'top' from the terminal, itexmac 91.3.15) uses
80% or more my CPU time, slowing my whole machine down,when it seems to be
doing nothing. Does anyone know what the problem might be, or even a



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