[OS X TeX] latex2rtf: A developer's perspective

Thomas Schröder hydrochlorix at gmx.net
Fri Apr 23 07:48:08 EDT 2004

Am 22.04.2004 um 21:16 schrieb Adam Maxwell:

Hi Adam,

> On 22 Apr, 2004, at 09:07, Thomas Schröder wrote:
>> \begin{equation}
>> E = m \cdot c^2
>> \end{equation}
>> \begin{equation}
>>      \sum_{i=1}^{N_g+N_s}\nu^{\prime}_{ij}\chi_i \quad 
>> \longrightarrow \quad 
>> \sum_{i=1}^{N_g+N_s}\nu^{\prime\prime}_{ij}\chi_i   \quad (j = 1,..., 
>> N_j)
>> \end{equation}
>> \begin{equation}
>>      r_{ij} = \frac{\text{1}}{\nu_{ij}A_{\text{akt}}} 
>> \frac{dn_{ij}}{dt}
>> \end{equation}
>> \end{document}
>>  -----------------------
>> This file works nicely with latex and pdflatex but not with latex2rtf.
> Just out of curiosity, what errors do you get with latex2rtf?

This is latex2rtf's output:


% latex2rtf -v
latex2rtf 1.9.15 (Mon Feb  9 20:27:26 2004)

% latex2rtf test.tex

Warning line=4 Unknown style option graphicx ignored
Warning line=4 Unknown style option dcolumn ignored
Warning line=4 Unknown style option amsmath ignored
Warning line=15 Command \centering not found - ignored
Warning line=15 image scale = 1
Warning line=15 filename = <Benzol.eps>
Warning line=29 Command \text not found - ignored
Warning line=29 Command \text not found - ignored


Line 29 is where the third \begin{equation} command starts.

When I open test.rtf in Word I get "Fehler!" twice (German for 
"Error!") instead of the two lower equations. But the rest is looking 

I just had a look at the .rtf file with a text editor and it seems like 
the equations are there but they get misinterpreted by Word.

> The conversion worked nicely on my machine; opening the RTF showed the 
> same equations that I saw in the PDF.

Hm, maybe there's something at fault with my version of latex2rtf? What 
do you get when you type the following in Terminal.app?

latex2rtf -v

> Double-clicking and editing the equations in Word with Equation Editor 
> caused some font problems (\cdot and \longrightarrow were changed to 
> something completely different by equation editor).

Aha. Weird.

Well, seems everything's not lost with latex2rtf, eh?

	Bye, Thomas

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