[OS X TeX] Enhancing emacs.

Andrea Riciputi ariciputi at pito.com
Mon Apr 26 15:57:39 EDT 2004

I'm going to start writing my Ph.D. thesis (in LaTeX obviously) and I 
need some help in getting more confortable with emacs. I've installed 
AucTeX and I've read its manual, I've also loocked to Carbon Emacs 
settings (by Enrico Franconi), but I'm not fully satisfied yet. The 
problem is that my Lisp understanding is not so good and emacs is very 
huge! I've tried asking for help on AucTeX list but I can imagine my 
questions were too basic. :(

I hope someone here can help me or just give me some good starting 

My main needs at the moment are the following.

1) I wasn't unable to bind any key to any LaTeX math command when 
Math-mode is active. Suppose I want to bind M-C-s to \sqrt, how can I 
get it?

2) How can I set emacs in order to enter automatically in Math-mode 
every time I start a "equation" environment or every time I type $

3) I generally use amsmath in my documents, and I'd like to get the 
proper style (amsmath.el) loaded, but as far as I've tried I've not be 
able to get it. Adding:

(add-to-list 'LaTeX-style-list '("amsmath"))

to my .emacs file doesn't do the trick. Hints?

4) How can I modify the TeX-insert-dollar (or define a new function and 
bind it to "$" key) in order to get the behaviour of TeX-insert-braces?

Thanks in advance,

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