[OS X TeX] OT-latex file management

Themis Matsoukas matsoukas at adelphia.net
Tue Apr 27 18:01:02 EDT 2004

On Apr 25, 2004, at 2:03 PM, Fredrik Wallenberg wrote:

> I would do this and then use some form of database to keep track of 
> them. Since the linking is simply
> \input{path/problemX}

Only problem, I would have to maintain a couple hundred problems in 
separate files.

> The database doesn't need anything to make it latex aware (although it 
> might be nice to be able to check the problems you want to include and 
> generate the problem set straight out of the database).

That would be _really_ nice. Is there a way to have latex interact with 
a database? i.e. read a particular record?

> If all you want is to keep track of them something as simple as SBook5 
> (http://www.sbook5.com/) would work great.

I just downloaded SBooks  - I'll give it a shot.

> On Apr 25, 2004, at 10:49, Christopher Allen wrote:
>> Not that I could tell you how to do this, but how about the 
>> following? Save each problem as a separate file with a very 
>> identifiable name. Then, when writing a test (or whatever else), you 
>> could include them sort of how you would include chapters written in 
>> separate files? I believe the tools are there, but I don't know what 
>> they are, nor do I have my books on me.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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