[OS X TeX] MacOSX-TeX: Problem with BibTex

Lisa Schweitzer lschwei at ucla.edu
Wed Apr 28 22:36:53 EDT 2004

hello everybody--

I am not all that adept at using BibTex, so it maybe was a mistake to 
try to use it for my dissertation. But faint hearts never won fair 
ladies. Or some such. Anyway, I have been using "apalike" for my .bst 
file.  But this style doesn't seem to like URLs, and I have a lot of 
those in the reference list. My advisor is nonfussy regarding the 
bibliography format, so I can change that at will. But I tried changing 
to harvard and all heck broke loose with the document. It wouldn't 
compile, I got  a gillion errors. 

Does anybody  have advice on what is easier: 

1. Trying to modify the existing .bst file I am using to force it to 
include/format information on URLs, OR 
2. Change to a different bst file and different style, and just 
whatever I need to in order to get rid of those errors? 

Any advice is appreciated. I know no matter I chose it will probably be 

Many thanks, 

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