[OS X TeX] XeTeX

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Apr 29 22:45:01 EDT 2004

On 30 Apr 2004, at 9:51, Ralph Martin wrote:

> Maybe I am missing something, but I can't seem to get XeteX to work 
> with TeXShop and Unicode in what I think is the obvious way:
> Set Texshop's text encoding to UTF-8
> If I now open the XeTeX 0.5 Sample "test.ltx", the unicode characters 
> in the source do not appear as expected, but as character pairs. 
> Presumably this is because they are in 16 bit Unicode?

If this is the case you can set TeXShop to "OSX Unicode" which is the 
same as UTF-16. However, the file should still typeset fine if 
TeXShop's encoding is incorrect (because it's what XeTeX sees that is 

(I haven't tried XeTeX 0.5 yet. It's sure moving at a cracking pace!)


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