[OS X TeX] Carbon Emacs settings.

Stefan Walsen stefan at walsen.net
Fri Apr 30 05:56:01 EDT 2004

Andrea Riciputi wrote:
> On 27 Apr 2004, at 09:17, Gilles Serasset wrote:
>> No, in fact it is:
>> if[file.pdf -ot file.dvi]; then dvipdf file.dvi file.pdf; open -a 
>> 'Preview' file.pdf; else open -a 'Preview' file.pdf; fi
>> (without the first space). hence, the [ command is not recognized...
 > Sorry for the spelling error. My script is _without_ any space between
 > 'if' and '[' and it doesn't work.

That's exactly what Gilles was trying to say: you _need_ the space.
Actually, IIRC, you need spaces before and after the opening and before 
the closing bracket.

Additionally, the "; fi" at the end of the if-then-else-fi is missing. 
you mentioned it where you said what the resulting shell script would 
be, but it's actually not there.

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