[OS X TeX] Lucida Bright and other fonts in Illustrator

David Oliver daoliver at swva.net
Wed Aug 4 22:57:23 EDT 2004

> If anybody else has any different approaches to try, I'd be grateful to
> know about them. Otherwise, it is off to using WarmReader.
> --cheers, Gordon

I quote here my post on March 14, 2004:

Subject: 	TeX created legends in Illustrator: discoveries and 

Those who use Adobe Illustraor for creating illustrations have been 
frustrated by Illustrator10's font encoding handicaps which causes it 
to replace the fonts in imported pdf legends created by pdflatex. One 
way of avoiding this is with the Marked Objects plug in in association 
with WARM reader. Gary Gray et. al. have created a script 
(WARMFigToPDF) that somewhat automates this process, but many steps are 
involved and it is not WYSIWYG.

I have discovered that IllustratorCS (the Illustrator component of 
Adobe's Creative Suite) will faithfully import pdflatex created pdf 
legends (or any TeX created pdf objects) if they are maintained as 
links, but the fonts are replaced if the legend files are embedded. 
Such pdfs are obviously not editable in Illustrator.

I have also discovered that Adobe InDesign will import TeX created pdfs 
faithfully in all respects, linked or embedded. This means one can use 
InDesign as a compositing tool. The illustrations can be prepared in 
Illustrator and imported into InDesign. Then the legends can be added 
by either using the Place tool or by dragging and dropping from the TeX 
created pdf. If one does this in TeXShop, one can create several 
legends in a single TeX pdf, then use the preview selection tool, pluck 
them out one by one and drop them into the InDesign document. These 
legends are manipulable (but not editable) by all the InDesign tools 
(rotation, scale, gradient, etc---and transparency for greying although 
this is probably more properly done in the creation process). The 
process is entirely WYSIWYG and quite efficient. I far prefer precisely 
placing legends with the arrow keys rather than re-compiling commands 
in a TeX document in cycles of tweaking. The completed InDesign 
document can then be exported as pdf.

David Oliver

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