[OS X TeX] LaTeX Help?

Ronald Bruck bruck at math.usc.edu
Wed Aug 18 20:17:34 EDT 2004

Is there, anywhere, a Help file for TeX and LaTeX related questions?

The classical Macintosh Help file has a browser window, in which you 
type a question, and the window
responds with all the nodes, ranked according to their applicability to 
the question.  Not very WELL ranked,
as a rule, but it's a start.

This doesn't have to be a classical Macintosh Help file, however.  A 
standalone application which can facilitate
quick look-ups would be fine.

You KNOW why I want it.  I am so f---ing TIRED of having to keep 
templates around, so the quirky things like
AMS-LaTeX's topmatter "\begin{abstract}...\end{abstract}" vs. 
"\author{...}", the exact details of "\begin{cases}...\end{cases}", 
WHICH character is it when I want a tilde in text, etc., etc., etc., ad 
(That should be \emph{ad nauseum}, since it's Latin :-)

Anyone have a favorite?  Preferably standalone; there are some 
excellent websites around, but when I'm working on the train, these 
won't do me much good.

--Ron Bruck
PS.  What   I''d REALLY like is George Gr\"atzer''s book, hyperlinked 

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