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Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 20 23:21:49 EDT 2004

The new insert macro works nicely, and is incredibly useful!

I've been using TextWrangler as an external editor for some time now 
because TeXShop was very slow in rendering text on the screen on my PB 
G4 550, with unacceptable lag time, while editing files of substantial 
size. The news of the new macro prompted me out of curiosity to try the 
TeXShop editor again with this new script, and to my surprise I 
discovered that the lag time problem no longer exists! I recently 
updated to 10.3.5, and I'm sure that I checked text speed in TeXShop in 
10.3.4 and it was still slow. Has anyone else noticed this?

It appears that I must be  misunderstanding how the tag menu is 
supposed to work now. The Help instructions say

"TeXShop adds lines which begin with the words \section, \subsection, 
\subsubsection, or \chapter to the Tag menu. To turn this off, run 
Terminal and type the following command. Change the word NO to YES to 
turn the behavior back on.
defaults write TeXShop TagSections NO".

When I invoke "defaults write TeXShop TagSections NO" in the terminal, 
the tags menu no longer lists the lines that begin, for example, with 
\section, and that is as I prefer, but it also unexpectedly doesn't 
list any of my %: tags either, and the tags list is completely empty. 
Is this really the way this tag menu option is supposed to behave?

I have to say that after initially disliking the way TextWrangler 
colors syntax, I've grown to prefer it over anything else I've used. It 
colors the entire $ ... $ math mode string with one solid color. 
Equivalently, it switches to the single solid color between every odd 
numbered $ and the subsequent $. If I forget to insert a closing $, it 
is immediately obvious with this mode of syntax coloring and very easy 
to locate. My error rate has dropped enormously with this since 
forgetting the closing $ is by far my most frequent error.

Richard Séguin

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