[OS X TeX] New TeXShop macro: "Insert reference"

Thomas Schröder hydrochlorix at gmx.net
Mon Aug 23 07:01:12 EDT 2004

Hi Will,

Am 22.08.2004 um 17:45 schrieb Will Robertson:

> On 22 Aug 2004, at 4:13 AM, Thomas Schröder wrote:
>> Inspired by this script I was starting to hack up something similar 
>> for bibliographies, but undoubtedly you already have something in the 
>> works, haven't you? If not, I'd gladly help.
> Actually at the moment I'm a little Applescripted out, if you know 
> what I mean. It'd be better for me to get working hard on my report :)

This sounds rather familiar :-)

> So nothing in the works for the time being, so I'd like to fully 
> encourage anything you can put together.

OK, I'll see how far I'll get the next few days.

> (I'd be especially interested comparing your work to mine...)

Ah, well, the thing is I'm not too talented in doing any kind of 
programming, but usually I'm able to modify existing code to my own 
needs, so I guess my efforts will most definitely look very familiar to 
you ;-P

> I haven't thought too hard about compiling a list of citations - as 
> Eric said, a whole list from the bib files may be a bit ridiculous if 
> you have a big reference list, so just reading the aux file may be the 
> way to go.

If you only look in the aux files, you must have already cited your 
references, whilst scanning the bib file will completely free you from 
having to remember any of your cite keys which would be far more useful 
for me.

> Although, if you keep things relatively split up and organised, maybe 
> it would be better getting a list of everything in the bib file.

That's what I think, too. The difficult bit will be to get the cite 
keys because in a .bib file the cite keys are part of different 
statements like @article or @book, whilst with other references they 
are always inside a \label command.

> Having said all this, I may be able to get around to putting something 
> together in my spare time this week. On the other hand, I may not 
> -have- any spare time this week :)

I don't have too much time either, but I'll try to come up with 
something in the next few days.

> Keep us posted for anything you put together, I reckon, but if you 
> don't, I'll cook something up myself eventually...

I'll try my best :-)

Bye, Thomas

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