[OS X TeX] Mathematica fonts in graphics

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Aug 30 19:53:04 EDT 2004

Maarten, Gary,

Thanks for your tips, sorry I didn't provide an update earlier: so many 
things to do, so few time...

Maarten: I haven't tried your solution yet, due to one warning from the 
dvips doc, saying (in essence) EPS files created in this way (i.e. 
"dvips -E") are resolution-dependent and should be used mostly as a 
last-resort solution. Did you experience this limitation, or is it 

Actually it seems the problem lies in the font Math1.pfa itself, which 
is marred by faulty encoding 
and the only solution seems to be to patch the PFA file. Or possibly 
get a more recent Mathematica (than v4.1), that would include a more 
recent version of the font, but unfortunately that's not an option for 
me right now.

Gary: Sorry, I haven't tried WARMReader yet. I had been under the 
impression that it required essentially manual intervention, whereas I 
was looking for an automated procedure, replacing tags (for examples 
axes ticks) and fonts inserted by Mathematica by another font, but 
keeping the horizontal and vertical positioning etc. In any case I 
should try, that's true.

The problem so far for me has essentially been the doc: I think the 
WARMReader doc is only available online as cascading HTML pages, and I 
must confess I'm not one for online docs: I (i) prefer a printed 
document, (ii) can work, if needed, with a PDF document or a continuous 
HTML document which I can read online in the same way as a book, but 
(iii) am pretty useless with online docs requiring the navigation 
between several HTML pages. Generally after 5 or 6 such pages I get 
lost or bored and give up.

For the moment I'm going on with the TeX + Ghostscript solution, though 
I suspect I will get a bad surprise when I reach the final typesetting 
stage and altpdflatex will have to process such a huge PS file in one 
go (for example, a page will include 6 graphics, each of which being an 
EPS file of ~ 50 Mb -- 3D plot on a 601 X 601 grid).


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