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Fri Dec 3 13:45:30 EST 2004

I recently had to make a series of blank boxes for a worksheet.  I
have to say, I was rather proud of myself coming up with:







Considering I'd never heard of {picture} before I started this and
never played wwith LaTeX until about a week ago, I have to say I'm
pleased with the results.

However (there had to be a howerver, of course), I want to place the
operator in the space.  Now, a + sign is easy enough:


and the - is straight forward.  The problem is the multiplication
sign. If I draw a line at an angle, the linethickness seems to vanish
and I get a 1 pixel line, which looks lousy.


I \emph{could} use \put(0,-1.2,{\Huge $*$} (just now figured that out,
makes the '+' easier) but that won't look like the 'x' the kids are
expecting and $x$ is no good either.


OH, and no fair laughing if what I did couldbe dne 10 times better 10
times easier, I'm onyl a week or so into this LaTeX thing.  If this is
hideous and kludgy and would make any TeX vet run for cover,
suggestions are welcome.  Pointing and laughing is not. :p

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