[OS X TeX] pdfsync not marking paragraphs

Curtis Clifton curt.clifton at mac.com
Sun Dec 5 22:28:32 EST 2004

I've been trying out BBEdit with TeXniscope as my LaTeX editing and  
previewing combo.  Using pdfsync plus Tom Kiffe's BBEdit plug-ins makes  
this a wonderful set-up.  (I know Claus Gerhardt also has worked on  
this integration, but I happened to try Tom's efforts first.)

Anyway, I turned on synchronization mark viewing in TeXniscope and  
discovered that I was not getting marks for every paragraph.  Here is a  
sample document that demonstrates the problem.  Note that I am not  
using the "nopar" option to pdfsync, so the paragraphs should be  



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nam auctor,  
magna dictum sodales viverra, dolor orci rhoncus felis, ut porttitor  
orci tellus in augue.

Nam suscipit, wisi et bibendum dapibus, dui erat tempor lacus, id  
pharetra erat odio ac velit. Sed condimentum pharetra libero. Morbi  

Etiam porttitor, sapien et volutpat vehicula, lacus ante adipiscing  
ligula, a tempor turpis turpis in magna. Maecenas mauris justo, laoreet  
nec, elementum eu, malesuada id, diam.


I did some experimenting and discovered a couple of things.  One is  
that if I add the following lines after the "\begin{document}", then  
the synchronization marks appear at the start of each paragraph:


However, I'm just experimenting with a simple document and suspect that  
using \everypar might be problematic with a more complicated structure.

The other thing that I tried was tweaking pdfsync.sty to see why it  
wasn't inserting marks at the paragraphs.  I changed line 135 (of  
verison 0.6, dated Jan. 31, 2004) from:

	    \global\let\PDFSYNC at par\@@par\gdef\@@par{\PDFSYNC at par\@PDFSYNC}\fi%


\global\let\PDFSYNC at par\@@par\gdef\@@par{\error\PDFSYNC at par\@PDFSYNC}\fi 

where \error was undefined.  When I typeset my document I don't get any  
error messages, indicating to me that \@@par isn't being used by LaTeX.  
  I also inserted a \makeatletter\show\@@par\makeatother in the  
document, and \@@par is definitely being defined according to my  

My questions:

Is there something broken in pdfsync's use of a redefinition of \@@par  
to accomplish paragraph marks?  (I have Kopka and Daly, 4th ed., and  
The Companion, 2nd ed., but I don't have Lamport, which I suspect might  
be illuminating.)  I see that prior to version 0.6, pdfsync redefined  
\par instead.

Am I asking for trouble using \everypar{\@PDFSYNC}? If not, would it be  
better if pdfsync used that?



Curtis Clifton, PhD Candidate
Dept. of Computer Science, Iowa State University

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