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Herb Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sun Dec 12 10:53:08 EST 2004


A while back I asked the list what sort of completion/abbreviation facility
there was with Alpha. I got a wonderfully complete answer back from Joachim
Kock and have played around with Alpha (I actually used to use Alpha way
back when I had gotten used to emacs on a UNIX machine in my younger days)
and like many of its features. I do find the options in Alpha, and
emacs/AucTeX too for that matter, almost bewildering. I know that similar
facilities exist with emacs/AucTeX.

I've also used BBEdit quite a bit and like its versatility as more of a
Mac-like editor which I've gotten used to over the years. I now ask the same
question of the many BBEdit users on this list: are there any
completion/abbreviation facilities for BBEdit? These should use a list that
can be easily expanded.

I know about FasTeX+TypeIt4Me and that is fairly nice except that I want to
be able to separate the `trigger' character (the one that triggers the
search through the list of completions/abbreviations) from the `boundary'
characters (the item to look up starts, and may include in some cases, at
the last boundary character up until the trigger is pressed) and TypeIt4Me
doesn't work that way.

The reason I want this information is that there are just so many single
character (with modifier of course) keyboard shortcuts I can remember before
getting my old brain confused so I prefer to be able to use multi-character
abbreviations or start to write a command and have the facility complete it
for me.

I've noted on the list that I've put together a reasonable starter list of
abbreviations/completions for the facility in TeXShop and I'm fairly happy
with that but I'm always searching for the ``perfect'' LaTeX editor.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest.com)

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