[OS X TeX] Babel bug in TL2004

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Dec 13 18:42:11 EST 2004

Le 13 déc. 04, à 23:21, Claus Gerhardt a écrit :

> Sorry, I was not quite corret. According to my old post the 
> irregularity also happens, when just one language is specified. 
> However, the document should have at least 3 pages, so that the 
> headers all appear.
> The odd behaviour showed up at two computers of mine, at home and at 
> the institute. I only wonder why, besides Piero D'Ancona and a few 
> others, nobody else complains - maybe they specify the language in the 
> document class, but this only works for one language.

Sorry, I hadn't been able to reproduce this behaviour until you gave 
more indications on the circumstances in which it appears (given I 
don't use amsart.cls myself): namely that one language is enough, but 
that two or more pages of text are required.

Now I see it too. It seems an incompatibility between babel and 
amsmath: if you copy 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/generic/babel/babel.def to the 
directory of your input file, and comment out the risky redefinition 

> \bbl at redefine\markboth#1#2{%
>   \def\bbl at arg{#1}%
>   \ifx\bbl at arg\@empty
>     \toks@{}%
>   \else
>     \toks@{\noexpand\foreignlanguage{%
>              \languagename}{%
>              \noexpand\bbl at restore@actives#1}}%
>   \fi
>   \def\bbl at arg{#2}%
>   \ifx\bbl at arg\@empty
>     \toks8{}%
>   \else
>     \toks8{\noexpand\foreignlanguage{%
>              \languagename}{%
>              \noexpand\bbl at restore@actives#2}}%
>   \fi
>   \edef\bbl at tempa{%
>     \noexpand\org at markboth{\the\toks@}{\the\toks8}}%
>   \bbl at tempa
> }

then the problem disappears. This redefinition seems to conflict with 
the definition in amsart.cls:

> \def\markboth#1#2{%
>   \begingroup
>     \@temptokena{{#1}{#2}}\xdef\@themark{\the\@temptokena}%
>     \mark{\the\@temptokena}%
>   \endgroup
>   \if at nobreak\ifvmode\nobreak\fi\fi}

This would be worth reporting to Johannes Braams, the babel maintainer, 
using the latexbug mechanism <http://www.latex-project.org/bugs.html>.


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