[OS X TeX] Bugs in TeXniscope 0.3.4

Steffen Wolfrum osxtex at st.estfiles.de
Thu Dec 16 12:13:49 EST 2004

Besides the bug with the Magnifications preferences that I already posted ...

> In preferences setting default to "to fit" or "to width" doesn't work.
> These settings won't be saved, instead default is set to 100%.

... I found another bug in the preferences with the setting of "Default Page Layout".
When for example the setting is "Double (even on the left)" and you open a doublepage layout then page number one is always left.

This is related to yet another bug - with the links:
When jumping with a link (great that you enabled it!) then the target's page is always shown on the left side of the doublepage view.
It's the same for TOC ...
(when view is set "even on the left side" and you link to an odd page then this page is shown left and from there on it is "odd on the left side")
... and for footnote hyperlinks: Even when for example the footnote marker and the footnote text are both on the right, odd side in a "even on the left side" doublepage view, when you click on the footnotes link the page jumps the left and the view gets "odd on the left side"


Massimiliano Gubinelli <mgubi at mac.com> wrote:

> A small revision just to fix some bugs and add a couple of new features
> bugfixes:
> - now some hyperlinked pdf work as expected (also in the outline)
> - fxed a bug with the binding of the backward key.
> - the outline view will not grab the focus when clicked.
> feaures:
> - new selection management code, now it is possible to resize the 
> selection by dragging the corners.
> - some defaults added to control the size of the magnification window
> and the mag factor (both in normal or full mode)
> - hyperlink marks will only show up when SyncMarks are shown.
> You can find it at:
> http://www.ing.unipi.it/~d9615/homepage/texniscope.html
> As always the code has to be considered experimental.
> Enjoy,
> Massimiliano.
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