[OS X TeX] Changing keyboard shortcuts in TeXShop

Chris Goedde cgoedde at condor.depaul.edu
Mon Dec 20 11:38:31 EST 2004

Thanks for the responses. A few comments.  First, if possible, I'd 
still like an answer to my question---why doesn't the procedure 
described in TeXShop help work for changing keyboard shortcuts? Is it a 
bug? Has anyone here used it successfully?

On 12/20/04 9:39 AM, "Herb Schulz" <herbs at wideopenwest.com> wrote:

> Actually, I just noticed another keyboard shortcut that works exactly 
> as you
> like!!! In the mode I gave above (maybe in other modes too but I 
> haven't
> tested that out) Space goes to the top of the Next Page and Shift 
> Space back
> to the top of the Previous Page. Ta-da!

That's great; it does what I want. I notice Safari works the same way, 
so this must be a Cocoa thing. Thanks.

Martin Sneep wrote:

> From the web I grabbed this list:
> C-p   previous line
> C-n   next line
> C-b   back one character
> M-b   back one word
> C-f   forward one character
> M-f   forward one word
> C-f   beginning of line
> M-<   start of buffer
> M->   end of buffer
> C-v   page down
> M-v   page up

Yes, I did ask about page-up/page-down. As Herb noticed, the M- 
shortcuts don't seem to work...and no combination of CTRL/OPT/CMD/SHIFT 
seemed to matter. (BTW, "beginning of line" is C-a, not C-f.) But I'd 
like to get away from emacs bindings and use more Mac-like commands. If 
someone knows how to "fix" page-up/page-down so that they move the 
cursor in addition to the views, that would be great.

Kino wrote:

> It is tedious to edit KeyEquivalents.plist. You'd better define your 
> shortcuts as NSUserKeyEquivalents in
>     /Users/you/Library/Preferences/TeXShop.plist

Won't my changes get silently over-written the next time TeXShop saves 
its preferences? I don't really want to redefine a new shortcut on a 
global level.


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