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Ettore Aldrovandi ealdrov at zeno.math.fsu.edu
Tue Dec 21 12:58:49 EST 2004

On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 03:51:13PM +0100, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 21 déc. 04, à 15:02, Jose Carrion a écrit :
> >By the way, maybe you have some special reason to compile Emacs on 
> >your machine, but I found that the version on 
> >http://mindlube.com/products/emacs/index.html (compiled from source 
> >some time in May) works great.  It comes as an application bundle and 
> >works "out of the box".
> Jose, Thoeger,
> Thanks for your answers. I had been trying the emacs compilation 
> essentially to get my hands at using DarwinPorts. And also because I 

A smaller port could have served you better in that department,
at least in terms of compilation times. Darwinports is getting
better and better, at least in my opinion. I have recently
decided to switch from fink to darwinports. As a final move,
after having periodically recompiled Emacs from CVS myself, I
have decided to let Darwinports do it for me (carbon
variant). I'm very happy with it.

> a quick look at the DarwinPorts port file, I thought DarwinPorts would 
> do exactly that for me, and provide me with the CVS emacs Piet was 
> referring to.

Yes. You get a CVS Emacs with the Emacs.app put into
/Applications/Darwinports and support files (those that normally
land in /usr/local) in /opt/local, or whatever prefix you choose
for Darwinports.

Note that this will not generate the completely relocatable app
people were talking about. On the other hand, it should be easy
to add a further variant to the Portfile to achieve that.

> others, and not being competent enough to figure out by myself, I had 
> decided to just stick with DarwinPorts.

An additional advantage would be that should you decide to get
rid of it, a

	port uninstall emacs+carbon

will take care of it. Or better,

	port deactivate emacs+carbon

will remove the linked files but keep the installed image.

> Regarding compilation, I think emacs with the Carbon option has no 
> dependency at all (no X11 or GTK or graphic library), it seems the 

Yes. Indeed, 14hrs seems too long. I think in my case it took
about an hour (or less) on a G4 667MHz powerbook.

> unreasonable compilation time is caused by the creation of the Carbon 
> interface. It may also be that since I had installed several different 
> emacs builds on my Mac, to have a look at them, then the compiler is 
> now seeing them and having a hard time resolving redundancies.

It may be picking up stuff in the dreaded /usr/local, depending
(or not) on your environment. As mentioned many times in several
threads, it's hard to hide /usr/local from the compiler/linker
etc., although darwinports goes at great lenths to ignore your
personal setup.

> Well, I think I'll just let the compilation proceed for a
> couple more hours, and then, if it's still going on, just kill
> the job, erase DarwinPorts from my disk completely and stay
> happy with Enrico's ECE for experimentation purposes (and think
> about another Archive & Install of OS X when time allows, to
> clean my possibly corrupted setup).

Well you can still use Enrico's emacs without having to erase
Darwinports itself. It can alwasy come in handy for other stuff
as well.

Hope this helps...?


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