[OS X TeX] square cells and more

Arno Kruse arnokruse at macnews.de
Thu Dec 23 11:40:41 EST 2004

Es irrt der Mensch so lang er strebt. (Goethe, Faust 1)

I wanted to write code for an apparent simple magig square my small 
pupils like a lot; of course in LaTeX. (If the reader does not 
remember: a magig square - in Germany we call it "magisches Quadrat" - 
is a square matrix, filled with numbers; if you add all the numbers in 
a line, a column or in the diagonals, the sum must be the same: the so 
called "magig number".)

No problem for an "experienced" LaTeXer like me.
I thought.

A lot of time later a frustrated LaTeX-user called Arno contented 
himself with a code he better does not show you…

Comp.text.tex did not help me, the only result I got was extremely 
complicated and unflexibel and looked ruefully.
Well, there is this list, and there is Will Robertson; I decided to ask 
him, and you all know the result - a remarkable solution. It works 
perfectly for me, and I want to thank Will heartily. I do not 
understand everything of his code yet, but I like to learn using 
examples like these. (By the way, I do agree to Hendrik Chaltin: 
Complete examples of code are, especially when written by an artist 
like Will, extremely helpful for beginners and even advanced users.)

Please allow me some remarks anyhow:
1. Square cells are in my opinion (maybe I am completely wrong) a sort 
of elementar modules. I wonder why it is complicated that way to 
produce them.
2. Other users may have different solutions to produce square cells; I 
am interested to learn how they have solved the difficulties, you may 
write me off list, if you like.
3. Problems of this manner are not specific Mac-problems, and so I 
first tried to find a solution in comp.text.tex. Do you think anyhow 
that it is useful and adequate to discuss them in this list?
4.  If the answer is yes: There are certainly more "little problems" 
like mine and a lot of interesting and helpful solutions - why not 
announce your questions and answers here?
5. Will, you have written
I have no idea why you have chosen just this brace.

Again: Thank you very much,Will!


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