[OS X TeX] Shortcuts in TeXShop

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 4 13:11:08 EDT 2004

On 4 jul 2004, at 18:55, Arno Kruse wrote:

> I am sure anywhere exists a complete list of all shortcuts one can use 
> in TeXShop - is there anybody who can help finding this list?

actually it is a list of shortcuts that can be used in all Cocoa based 
applications, the functionality is provided by Apple. And Apple didn't 
choose these shortcuts at random, they based their choice on the 
shortcuts available in emacs, since these are known by many 
programmers. So, looking for help on emacs will give you a full list, 
and I think the Apple support site has a complete list. Note that not 
all of the emacs shortcuts are there -- only the control key ones are 
there. If you start emacs on the command-line, you can ask for help, 
and you'll get a list. Leave emacs with 'ctrl-x ctrl-c'.

A link:

> Another question: Is there an editor which can be used exclusively 
> with the keyboard?

emacs, vi, pico, bbedit, Xcode, ...


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