[OS X TeX] scripting query

dan visel visel at sparknotes.com
Mon Jul 12 11:59:50 EDT 2004

Hi list,

I'm typesetting a couple of books in Adobe Framemaker (7.0, sadly 
running under Classic).  The manuscripts of these books have a number 
(>100) of TeX equations inline. I'd like to make a script that goes 
through the manuscript, pulls out the equations (which are set off in $ 
. . . $ and $$ . . . $$), generates PDFs from the equations with TeX, 
and imports the resulting PDFs to Frame.

EquationService or LaTeX Equation Editor will generate the sort of PDF 
I want.  However, these don't seem to be scriptable (am I missing 
something?).  It seems like it would be possible to use AppleScript 
with TeXShop to do this.  Is there a better way?

A couple of sidenotes:  I can script FrameMaker with FrameScript.  I'm 
also using structured Frame, so I can generate XML from these 
manuscripts without too much trouble if it would be easier to parse a 
plain text file.

Any input would be greatly appreciated - someone must have done 
something similar?

Thanks much,
Dan Visel

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