[OS X TeX] Lobbying for Reply-To as it used to be

Stefan Kauhaus stefan+macosx-tex at kauhaus.de
Mon Mar 22 10:32:49 EST 2004

Am 22.03.2004 um 15:39 schrieb Josep M.Font:

>> I would like to lobby for a return to the original behaviour.

> I support this proposal. Period.

I don't. So what? Somehow I get the impression that this "discussion" 
won't lead to nothing. To try and speed things up let's recapitulate 
the arguments:

* CONTRA fixed Reply-To-Header:
Without header, I have the choice. I can choose to answer the original 
poster (hit "Reply") or to reply to the list (hit "Reply 
All")---whereas if the Reply-To-Header is set by the mailing list 
software, I have no choice: both actions will result in the same 
behaviour (did someone just say this is supposed to be "logical" ...?).
Furthermore, without header manipulation, if the original poster for 
some reason has set his own Reply-To-Header, it will be preserved. If 
the Reply-To-Header is set by the mailing list software, it will be 

* PRO fixed Reply-To-Header:
I'm lazy. I just want to click once and it should work as I want it to.

(I'd just like to point out here that both are perfectly valid 
arguments---it's a trade-off between features and convenience.)

Now if someone perhaps could set up a web poll or something? I think 
this would be an easy and approximately "democratic" way to determine 
the majority's opinion. Anyway better than adding even more "I do 
agree"---"I don't"---"But I do"---"I don't" postings to the list.


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