[OS X TeX] Lobbying for Reply-To as it used to be

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Mar 22 11:58:24 EST 2004

On 23 Mar 2004, at 3:22, Chris Goedde wrote:

> I strongly prefer the new way of doing things.
> Just my $0.02.

This reminds me of the arguments about "Open in a new window" HTML 
links. Personally, I can't stand them, and wish they were never 
invented (although I'd be happy if my browser overrided the option and 
opened it in a new tab, but I disgress).

I cannot imagine how anyone would prefer this new way, but since people 
obviously do, it's clearly *my* deficiency because I cannot empathise 
with their situation.

Most likely, I just haven't learnt to use the "Reply All" button 

My complaint is that when you want to reply, by default you end up 
sending a private email to the person, who will then also receive the 
mailing list version---two copies of the same email?

I don't want to have to edit things. I just want to push reply. 
Apologies for such a polarised view!

Will Robertson

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