Fwd: [OS X TeX] i-Installer version 2.58.0 released

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Mar 22 16:34:20 EST 2004

Below I'm forwarding a message Gerben sent me this morning, and which 
Gerben has since confirmed was meant for the whole list (Reply-To 
problem). It may be helpful to people puzzled by one message (about 
moving receipts) displayed by the newest i-Installer at first launch.


> De: Gerben Wierda
> Date: 22 mars 2004 11:06:48 GMT+01:00
> À: Bruno Voisin
> Objet: Rép : [OS X TeX] i-Installer version 2.58.0 released
>> Le 22 mars 04, à 00:37, Gerben Wierda a écrit :
>>> I have released i-Installer version 2.58.0. i-Installer's interface
>>> has been improved and should now cater better for non-technical
>>> users.Also some internal improvements have been made so I can add
>>> certain new functions in the future.
>> Upon installing and opening the new version, receipts have been 
>> created
>> in a new directory /Library/Receipts, based on my existing i-Packages
>> directory ~/Library/i-Packages. For exemple, in Console I can see:
>> 2004-03-22 10:25:36.768 i-Installer[418] Translating
>> /usr/local/teTeX/.tex.ii2 and
>> /Users/brunovoisin/Library/i-Packages/tex.ii2/Custom.plist into
>> /Library/i-Installer/Receipts/tex.ii2receipt
>> Does this mean I can safely erase the directory ~/Library/i-Packages
>> (I'm not especially willing to eat up disk space with i-Packages I've
>> already installed), or should I keep it and move it to some new
>> location?
> Neither. The /Library/i-Installer/Receipts keeps the small dictionary 
> file
> (a few bytes) that used to be installed in the directory where you 
> install
> your software. So /usr/local/teTeX/.tex.ii2 was copied to
> /Library/i-Installer/Receipts/tex.ii2receipts. Also a file of a few 
> bytes.
> Stuff like, when installed, what version, by whom, etc.
> The role of ~/Library/i-Packages/tex.ii2/Custom.plist was that it held
> part if the information that should be in the install dictionary. Like
> which sets are installed, configured. This has been moved from the 
> package
> to the receipt.
> If you want to free disk space, keep the packages in 
> ~/Library/i-Packages
> (or wherever you keep them) but thin them (at close).
> G
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