[OS X TeX] "fink" to download tetex leads to nowhere....?

Douglas Hemmick bellwasright at mchsi.com
Mon Mar 22 19:53:53 EST 2004

Can someone explain how the below results can be possible?

you can see me issuing two commands to the shell below, first
to tell me whether I have tetex installed, and the second to
use the thing. The system asks me what the heck I am talking
about with the tetex command....

(yes I checked my path setting to make sure that /sw is included in the 

Mon Mar 22 > fink list | grep tetex
         bundle-tetex            [virtual package]
         system-tetex    20010808-10     Placeholder package for 
manually installed te
  i      tetex   2.0.2-2 Complete distribution of the TeX typesetting 
  i      tetex-base      2.0.2-2 Base programs for a teTeX installation
         tetex-dev       2.0.2-2 Developer files for a teTeX installation
         tetex-macosx            [virtual package]
         tetex-nox       2.0.2-3 Base programs for teTeX, with X11 
  i      tetex-shlibs    2.0.2-2 Shared libraries for a teTeX 
  i      tetex-texmf     2.0.2-2 Main texmf tree for a teTeX installation
         xdvi-system-tetex       22.74-3 Display dvi files under X11 
(system-tetex ver
Mon Mar 22 > tetex dissertation.tex
tetex: Command not found.

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