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Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Mar 23 06:09:16 EST 2004

Jérôme Laurens wrote:

 > Le 23 mars 04, à 10:13, Will Robertson a écrit :
 >> I just noticed Maarten's post on comp.text.tex involving a bash 
shell script to run LaTeX as many times as necessary to get things right 
with figure numbers et al.
 >> Considering TeXShop is all about making Mac the most simple and 
pleasant way of writing LaTeX, why hasn't such a script been implemented?
 > You mean why this script is not shipped as one of the defaults?
 > Maybe one day...

I mean that as soon as you load up TeXShop and look for the button to 
run your file through latex, you should find a button that actually 
calls a script that runs latex, etc, as many times as it needs. Et 
voila! Your document is completely typeset.

As a newbie, I remember finding to process of many latex runs a hassle, 
but you learn to deal with it as time goes by.

 >> I suppose alternatively, I could ask "Why doesn't everyone use 
iTeXMac?" or "Why doesn't everyone write ConTeXt?".
 > You forgot,
 > "Why does not everyone use Mac?"


 > "Why does not everyone speak french?"

Everyone wants to learn eventually.

 > "Why does not everyone like cheese?"

Lactose intolerant. Don't like mold. Everyone else like it.

 >> To conclude my post of questions no-one will answer (don't use this 
sentence as an excuse, though)---has anything been done by anyone on 
using folder packages to represent TeX documents with a single file?
 > A discussion started in the TeX Wrapper list. Only Gerben and I 
contributed. Gerben decided to close the discussion because the audience 
was really too small (we were only 3 or 4) but the archive is available 
through google I think.

If it is, I'm not looking hard enough. No worries.

 > I am currently working hard on that matter on my own and will present 
something concrete on that subject at TUG 2004. I hope I will find at 
TUG 2004 people who help in making final decisions concerning TeX Wrappers.

Sounds wonderful. I'd really like to help out such things as much as I 
can, but time is too pressing for me to do so, beyond actual program 

If you can't find anyone to make the final decisions, just ask us

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