[OS X TeX] Framemaker

Mark D. Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Tue Mar 23 07:31:16 EST 2004

Adrian Heathcote wrote:

> In a move that is bound to make TeX on the Mac even more needed
> (and desirable), Adobe has just announced that they are
> discontinuing development of Framemaker for the Mac. The
> explanation: it is no longer financially viable.
> Bizarrely however, they intend to continue development of
> Framemaker on Solaris.
> For technical book production this leaves the mac community
> with TeX alone.

Whilst I lament the passing of Framemaker on Mac (not unexpected, 
but still sad to have it confirmed) and whilst my own preferred 
solution for technical publications is TeX, its not true to say 
that the demise of Framemaker leaves us with nothing but TeX, 
since there are other means of writing with SGML and/or XML (e.g. 
DocBook) in MacOS X. None of them are very polished I grant you, 
but they do exist.


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