[OS X TeX] Lobbying for Reply-To as it used to be

Gerben Wierda Gerben.Wierda at rna.nl
Tue Mar 23 18:57:49 EST 2004

On Mar 24, 2004, at 00:24, Will Robertson wrote:

>> (The argument about the original poster perhaps receiving
>> a duplicate copy of the email is quite immaterial --- especially
>> given the high level of spamming and other spurious postings
>> that arrive every day.)
> I disagree that it's immaterial. But I'm prepared to live with it.

When you get deeper in a thread, it starts to expand a bit, 3-4 people 
+ the list is no exception.

I dislike sending people multiple copies or sending stuff to a list and 
some of its members seperately. I intensely dislike receiving spam but 
for the same reason also sending unneeeded messages and both in my 
opinion are far from immaterial.

For me, people replying to my postings generate mutiple messages in my 
mail system which Mail.app handles not so well (depending on the phase 
of the moon, the messages end up in the filtered list mailbox or my 

So, I like sending *either* to the list *or* to the poster. In both 
cases there is some address editing to be done in either situation of 
the list behaviour.

Important is, how much is personal and how much group reply? On this 
list, the large majority of my replies should go to all. I think that 
holds (less than in the past, I concede that) for this llist as well.

The current situation means a lot more address editing than in the 
former situation, where I had to do address editing once a month, and 
now on every post.

This is apart from the point that I need to send so much email on so 
many different subjects and targets that 'defaults' become important. I 
can live happily with the default that the reply goes to the list (in 
this case) because that is what I have to do in 99% of the cases 

On other lists I subscribe to the situation is opposite. I see no clear 
pro or con for either technique, it depends on the role of the list.


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