[OS X TeX] Nobody knows

Scott Murman smurman at segosha.net
Wed Mar 24 01:15:43 EST 2004

> I just noticed Maarten's post on comp.text.tex involving a bash shell 
> script to run LaTeX as many times as necessary to get things right 
> with figure numbers et al.
> Considering TeXShop is all about making Mac the most simple and 
> pleasant way of writing LaTeX, why hasn't such a script been 
> implemented?

some of us (old timers) consider this a feature.  when things get 
broken beyond belief i'm still only 0.25 milliseconds away from having 
my article in workable format.  there's little reason to have 
everything "just so" until the final proof anyway.
with the power of cpus i rarely find this even a minor hassle.  by the 
time i've thought of it, and found the place where i was editing, the 
run through latex is finished and updated.


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