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William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Mar 25 13:33:06 EST 2004

On Thursday, March 25, 2004, at 11:42  AM, Arno Kruse wrote:

> I have felt alike all times I have tried to install fonts (but I don´t 
> like the balcony-way, I would prefer to drink hemlock). Bevore getting 
> mad, I decided to content myself with the fonts Gerben makes > available.
> But there must really be method in it, Bruno and two or three other 
> human beings seem to understand this gloomy problem…
> My way to use at least single characters is piteous: I type the 
> character, save this one-character-file as a pdf-file, open it with 
> GraphicConverter, cut the character out, save it as pdf-file and use 
> this result. Do not laugh, it works!
> A mad, I know, but transparent method.

Heh, heh. It can be carried further --- by another 1,470 characters at 
least, that's (more-or-less) how I got Zapfino to work in

(imposed in Freehand --- I was in a hurry)


(the source, just slightly cropped)

  - BTW, could people let me know what that last file works / doesn't 
work w/?

Works in Adobe Acrobat 4 in Windows

Doesn't work in Adobe Acrobat 5 or 6 for Mac OS X on Jaguar or Panther

Works in Preview.app in Jaguar.

> But I do like LaTeX.

I love it (and TeX). It was the first graphics program where I could do 
things reasonably and know the limitation was myself, not the program.


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