[OS X TeX] Bug in TeXShop 1.34?

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Thu Mar 25 16:51:38 EST 2004

El 25 mar 2004, a las 21:54, Aditya Dushyant Trivedi escribió:

> I have set the file using the %SourceDoc macro at the first line of 
> each chapter file. It works as expected. however, if I open two 
> chapters, TeXShop will open another copy of the root file (book1.tex) 
> and the output file book1.pdf. It happens for all the chapter files I 
> have.

It does not happen to me.

By contrast, what does happen to me is that when I close the \included 
file, the source file is not closed automatically, but remains in the 
dock. It remains there even when I manually close all the present 
windows of the program (the console, the associated pdf). Is this a 
feature ? I don't think is logical, anyway.

> No hurry. I am really thankful to all who have contributed to TeXShop.

The same here. One day when I have time to compile them all, I will 
send a long wish list and suggestions for improving the interface.

Josep M. Font

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